In 2009, we left the USA for South America with our toddler, two Pugs, 4 suitcases and 8 boxes.  

March 2008: Our exploratory trip to Montevideo, Uruguay and Buenos Aires, Argentina with then 3-month-old Baby G. 

March 2009: The move to Montevideo, Uruguay with 15-month-old Baby G and two Pugs!! Our home for 18 months. 

September 2010: Move to Bariloche, Argentina, in northern Patagonia, for a long, beautiful summer in the Andes mountains. 

February 2011: Road trip across the Andes to Puerto Montt, Chile then north to Santiago, Chile before flying to Córdoba Argentina. 1200 miles driven over 2 weeks with 3-year-old G. 

March 2011: A month in a temp rental in downtown Córdoba before we found our furnished home in a walkable suburb.

May 2012: Baby F was born in a dramatic, amazing, unassisted homebirth. She was granted Argentine citizenship automatically by birth. 

February 2014: The epic road trip around Argentina! 3800 miles over 6 weeks with two young kids in the backseat of a sedan.

June 2015: Our move to the "Casita", our new house in Córdoba and the finalization of the adults' Argentine citizenship! 

April 2016: We left Argentina and moved to Florida, USA! 

October 2016: Netherlands Citizenship Oath ceremony for Lisa, to finalize a process that started in Buenos Aires a year earlier, and with a wonderful twist of fate, Brad and the girls receive their letters of Italian citizenship ON THE SAME DAY as Lisa's Dutch Citizenship! 

June 2016: Leaving Florida and moving to Valencia, Spain with a small shipping container, two kids and a mother-in-law! 

After years of consideration, we decided to take the leap and move abroad in March of 2009 with our then-15-month-old daughter and two Pugs.

We moved to Uruguay in March of 2009. We chose Uruguay due to the economic and political stability, Spanish language, similar time zones to the US, high level of education and quality of life, among many other considerations.

An exploratory trip a year earlier (March of 2008 - with then-3-month-old daughter) sealed the deal for us and we put the pieces in place to move.

We moved to Argentina in September 2010 after a great 18 months in Uruguay.  We first stopped in Bariloche, in northern Patagonia for 5 months, and now settled in Córdoba, in the center of the country and also the second largest city in Argentina. It is in Córdoba where our second daughter was born in May 2012. 

Being self employed affords us the flexibility to make such a move. Brad is the owner of an independent, specialty travel agency and Lisa is a location-independent product designer. We both work with clients across the USA.

We love to share our daily experiences with our readers, and have upcoming features to showcase our new format with categories of healthy living, family and expat/living abroad. 

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Our Family

Brad (Dad)

The fixer, the tech-master, the detail guy. Brad gets stuff done. Whether that is foreign citizenship or a complicated around the world flight itinerary, Brad finds a way to make it all work. A career in the travel industry is a perfect fit. 

Lisa (Mom)

The writer, dreamer, cook, artistic element of the family. Lisa writes in a stream of consciousness, stays up much too late, has Type 1 Diabetes, is a health consultant & writer for and moonlights as a staff writer for Diabetes Daily

G.C. (Daughter #1)

Fiery, passionate, makes friends easily, good at everything she tries. Loves guitar, inventing and arial acrobatics. Has lived in South America since she was 15-months-old. It's all she knows.

F.B. (Daughter #2)

Our little Argentine! A sweet, funny kid who tends to be the peacemaker, loves tickles, cuddles, playing princess and her dolls. Was born in a calm, unassisted homebirth (was not the plan).