"Mi Amor"

Our Daughter is being exposed to so much Spanish love and affection by people that you would never anticipate in the USA.... EVERYONE!!!   Waiters and waitresses, delivery people and perfect strangers on the street coo and wave and talk to her like she's their own daughter or granddaughter.  It's amazing.  We encountered the same thing when we were here last year, but I figured it was because she was only three months old then. Maybe it's a result of the low birth rate here (lower than the US) and the aging population, but everyone generally goes through the same routine.  They want to know how old she is, what her name is, then they go on to call her precious, beautiful, etc. and try to get smiles and waves from her.  Geneva as a result has started to wave to nearly everyone on the street to try to get a response.  

We're in the city, so there is a lot of opportuntity for interaction.  There are people on the street wherever we go and we're eating out at least once per day so there is some quality time with waitstaff.  We even saw photos of our waitress's little girl today, which we coo over in return!

Since Uruguay is the only South American country we've traveled to with the baby(with the exception of a very short stint in Argentina), it's hard to tell if this is an Uruguyan trait or a South American trait.  We hope to add more as we travel in the coming months!