Pocitos Beach

We went to Pocitos beach today, a block and a half away from our hotel.  Since it is the first time we have had a baby on the beach for any length of time, we overplanned and overpacked but were prepared.   The beach was crowded with all sorts of people: those who have seen much sun in their many years,  those who just stopped for a moment of sunshine while biking or walking by and those who were enjoying great family moments like us.  What I love most about the beach here is that everyone is welcome (including pale foreigners) and it really doesn't matter what you look like.  One piece suits on women are something of a rarity and body issues seem nonexistant.  I love that!

I like being in a country that doesn't care if you have love handles or a bit of a spare tire  around the middle.  You're out enjoying the sun and having a good time, just like everyone else.

Baby at the Beach