Easter in Montevideo

We really had no idea what to expect for Pascua (Easter) in Montevideo.  Brad and I were in Sevilla, Spain for Easter in 1997 and it was a wild celebration with everyone in their Sunday best and parades in the streets.  Uruguay is considered a secular country, unlike its giant neighbors of Brazil and Argentina and most of Latin America, so we figured that the Easter celebrations would be pretty calm here.  Calm is an understatement. People here see holy week as vacation week.  We were advised to get any business done before holy week started because shops would be closing down and people would be leaving town.  That was definitely true.  Some places were closed for the whole week, others just Thursday- Sunday.  What I was very surprised about is that the restaurants were business as usual, and in fact they seemed busier than most normal Sundays.  The beach and La Rambla were packed because it was another gorgeous day.

There were plenty of Conejo de Pascua (Easter Bunnies) in the stores, but it seems like the holiday is celebrated in name and with modern customs only, at least that's all I could see as a tourist-outsider.  Hopefully I'll have more insight into the Pascua holiday in Uruguay next year!