Hooking up the "Internets"

So after much deliberation as to the provider of our local Internet service; We've chosen Montevideo COMM.  They are a reseller of Antel and come with higher praise for their service level than Antel directly.  Both an Expat and a local Uruguayo that does website development pointed us in this direction.  We have "blazing" speed of 4096k down and 512k up.  This likely means nothing to many, but it's as fast as you can get in Montevideo and more than sufficient for our purposes.  The set up is not much different nor much more expensive than the 7 Mb down that Qwest offered back in Minneapolis for business DSL.   Montevideo COMM

The process of getting set up for service was surprisingly uneventful.  Since my Spanish is good--not great--I went into the MVDCOMM's office to set it up.  It was in a cool old building near the Facultad de Arquitectura.  Just a small cozy office, where I was invited in by very helpful young guy who appeared to be just out of college.  I told him what I wanted (I also brought printout of the plan so there would be less chance that something would be lost in translation) gave him the phone number and address of our new residence and a copy of my passport that the receptionist took when I arrived.  He punched away at his computer for a few minutes while we chatted.  He printed out a few copies of the one year contract for me to review and sign. Told me that I would receive a call in roughly within the week to schedule hook up and away we go.  No payment needed yet.  I was instructed to pay the initial months service and hook up the day of install.  I was in and out the door in about 10 minutes. We'll see how the next phase of this goes because that was almost a little too easy.  I tend to bring a healthy bit a skepticism to most situations, but I'm always optimistic that it will work out in the end.  Hopefully this will follow suit.