Quick Water Update

We have water again!  All that good karma you've been sending this way worked!  It was down to just about 10% of the city that didn't have water this morning and all the city should be restored by tonight.  All the Uruguayos that we've spoke to can never remember this happening before.  So luckily we can't say 'Oh, this is how things work in Uruguay!"  Great that we still have the hotel room through Friday so after dinner and a walk, we were able to shower and get baby G in her PJ's before coming home.  Just think though, this was a 40 year old water main that burst to an city of 1.5 million.  New York has a water tunnel that is 114 years old that serves a city of 8 million.  That would really be bad!

Now we can really get to the work of cleaning and moving in.  With two pugs and a toddler underfoot (and falling hard on all this tile flooring), it should be interesting!!