More in the Daycare Story :)

Sorry for those of you who don't have kids and don't care about our daycare story.  I know there are others that want the latest on our meeting today with Caminito. Brad and I walked to Caminito today at about 2:00.  The afternoon session had just started and Gabrilela was leaving.  Jimena gave us a quick tour and asked if we could come back this evening when they would both be available to talk. We took a cab back at 6:30 and were there for a little over a half hour. They told us they are in the process of restructuring, cutting out the morning session (I believe the teacher for this session is leaving) and possibly adding another afternoon session for the 1-2 year olds. To do that though, they need to find a new instructor.

Long story short:  We'd love to start there ASAP but we don't have a spot until they get it all figured out. They said that they'd get back to us within a week and maybe we can start in two weeks.  We walked out with all the paperwork and fingers crossed that we'll be able to get in soon.

It could be a lot worse, like some daycare centers in the US where you are on a many-month waiting list for a spot to open up.  We'll just see how it goes!