What We've Been Doing

We've been slacking on the blog.  Sorry. But our social calendars have been getting a workout!  Between Brad going to a Futbol (soccer) match on Thursday between Argentina and Uruguay, me being being double booked for Friday lunch, emailing with another expat about upcoming yoga classes, entertaining at our house on Friday night, and going to the Rummage sale at the American School today (we had 3 expats offer to give us a ride), we've kept busy.

17 month birthday

It was also Geneva's 17 month birthday this past week, which we always celebrate with a sign and lots of photos.

I've also been doing tons of laundry since we have a few nice days again after three days of rain, I'm cooking a lot and just today started baking and crocheting a new project.  I am a domestic goddess after all!  Well, maybe not.  Read on:

We also interviewed a lady to come in and clean the house 2x per week.  She came very highly recommended by an expat we know and we met with Alejandra on Thursday.  She'll come on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for 80 pesos  ($3.33) an hour plus bus fare.  We do also pay taxes into the UY equivalent of the social security system as her employer.  Alejandra would also do some cooking and laundry, which we said we wouldn't need that at this point. She will also help us get set up with any of the equipment/cleaning supplies that we need.  We'll try it with Alejandra for a few weeks and see how it goes.

An update to other items:

We have yet another lead for a possible daycare.  Caminito still may work out in a couple of weeks, but we don't know for sure and want to keep the search going just in case.

We still have a water issue that is going to be dealt with this week.  The plumber has been here several times and installed a new kitchen faucet, toilet mechanism, and adjusted/repaired the temperature control on the water heater and we still have 2-3 liters of water on the bathroom floor every morning if we don't shut the water off every night. Jorge has been a huge advocate of ours and has been the one dealing with the landlord on this issue. I would rather they just break into the wall to see what's going on and get it done with.

Other than that, we're getting into a routine. Weather is turning colder and the heat is on in the bedrooms at night. That is the only heat that we have in the house and the other rooms are chilly.  No wonder I'm cooking more, at least then the kitchen is toasty warm.

Tomorrow we'll probably go to the Expat lunch at Old Maz which happens every Sunday but we also have tentative plans for afternoon/evening for Brad to help a family with some technology/internet issues.  The girls can play and we'll work for food and wine!

We've met lots of wonderful, interesting people so far and really value the information we've gleaned and the friends we've already made .