Managing Time Zones

We are constantly checking to see what time it "really" is here and it feels a little like the Twilight Zone. Our lives are here in Uruguay but in this global economy, we do business with the USA on a daily basis. My laptop is still set to MN time so I can see what time it is for my clients.  Brad has a tougher time because he works with clients all over the US.  This means that he sees the start of the East Coast business day at 9 AM  Uruguay time and the end of the California business day at 9 PM Uruguay time.  Makes for one long work day.

It's an interesting dynamic that makes the world feel really small.  It also, though, seems like we are not fully tied to the country where we are living because we are still living vicariously in several other time zones.


Part of why we chose Uruguay is because it's a similar time zone to the US.  I imagine how the situation would be much complicated for those doing business with the other side of the world on a daily basis. Our few hours difference is nothing, really.

Now, come October, our understanding of the time zones will flux once again as Uruguay goes into Daylight Savings time and the US comes out of Daylight Savings a month later.  Our current 2 hour difference ahead of  US Central time changes to 3 hours  for a month, then 4 hours for the remainder of the Uruguay summer and until March (remember seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere).

So much to keep track of!  Man, just makes you just want to unplug...

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