Remote Interior Design

DIY Channel Bathroom Remodel by Lisa La Nasa
DIY Channel Bathroom Remodel by Lisa La Nasa

I had a big Interior Design presentation yesterday with a client over 5000 miles away. It was perfect.

I'm an interior designer by trade. There are a few side projects that are keeping me busy, but my initial love is space planning and kitchen/bath design. Lisa La Nasa Design, Inc. is remaining active with US clients since relocating to Uruguay and I'm happy to have the opportunity to outsource myself.  While I have designed for many different styles of homes, I personally buy into the "less is more" philosophy. Excess is simply that. I focus on environmentally conscious and cost saving techniques.

This kitchen remodel project that I presented yesterday is being completed without my ever setting foot in the space, without ever meeting the client in person. I used "ancient" technology yesterday of PowerPoint, email and VoIP phone to present several initial design options and the meeting went without a hitch. I emailed the presentation to the client, she opened the file and we talked through the presentation together via phone. We both were at our computers so we were able to access websites whenever a question arose about  an appliance specification or a previous email.

The whole process was incredibly efficient: no travel time involved, no getting dressed up and I could schedule the meeting for after Geneva's bedtime. Afterwards, I made some quick revisions to the drawings and was able to email them off within a half hour.

Next time I will plan to do a GoToMeeting so the client can see my screen, or a face-to face via Skype but this time it worked well.  I tell people that I can continue to my design work anywhere in the world and they tend to be sceptical. It works.

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