Find a Bus in Montevideo

Our friend Scott told us about a great way to find your way around the bus lines in Montevideo. MontevideoBus is a website based on GoogleMaps that you can use to set your origin, destination and how many blocks from both you are willing to walk. The site will then track the nearby bus lines for you. It does not give you the bus schedules or when to wait for your given bus line, but the city is well covered and many buses come in 10 minute intervals.  MontevideoBus will even tell you how many stops are on each line so you can find the quickest route, if needed.  I am excited to try out the website.  We like the bus system here but it's been kind of a crap shoot if we're going to get exactly where we want to go. I feel like the city has just opened up a bit... Montevideo, Here we come!