The Weather

My life is tied to the local weather more in Uruguay than ever before.  Am I going to walk Geneva to the jardín or take a cab? Should I start the laundry or not? Should Alejandra clean the back patio today or will her efforts be washed away in a few hours? Do I start the fireplace now or wait? I find myself checking out the weather websites frequently. My favorite is Weather Underground.  You can see hour-by-hour forecasts as well as historical data for a day or month at a time. This is very helpful as we count the days until warmer weather. The forecasts come from a central location in Prado and the local conditions come from a variety of sources, including the Carrasco airport and the MADIS reporting station in Uruguay, and are as accurate as weather forecasts can be.

You can set your profile on Weather Underground with preferred cities, your weather icons of choice and Celsius or Fahrenheit (Brad's profile is in Fahrenheit, mine Celsius).

If there seems to be an inconsistency between what is happening outside and what is forecasted, we'll sometimes look up El Pais weather.  El Pais can occasionally have different information than Weather Underground, but usually the difference is just a few degrees and nothing major.

Weather in Uruguay tends to be consistently humid and breezy.  Winters are damp and cool (with very rare freezing) and summers are warm and sunny with infrequent bursts of rain. Note that if you're directly on the coast or even a few blocks in, the winds can be stronger than the forecasted and as a result, it can feel cooler.  The rain and thunderstorms that we've experienced this winter have come in waves and once started can last hours.

While I do plenty of looking at the sky to see what it the weather is like at a given moment, our wonderful technological tools can help when planning out a few days. Today it says it's going to be sunny and mid-to-upper 60's through Monday.... perfect!!