There Go The Trees

MVD Trees 2

A curious thing has been happening lately in Montevideo... the trees have been coming down.  I first noticed it a few weeks ago and now block after block after block of the beautiful treetops are gone. I do need to clarify, the trees aren't entirely gone, but so aggressively pruned as to leave no foliage at all, just the main trunk and several of the larger secondary trunks to grow back. These once beautiful tree-lined streets that provided the much needed shade as I walked, are now bare and cold.

I knew that the trees here in UY grow very quickly due to year-round growth and therefore while large, are somewhat weak.  Upon further inspection, these trees have seen this type of pruning before and will most likely again. Their somewhat scraggly main trunks are met with markedly newer growth just slightly above.

One nice advantage to this tree trimming (if you're looking for a silver-lining) is that you can see the houses more clearly and all the gorgeous traditional detail that they hold. If you're in an apartment, you may now have a view where you never did before, just beware of who may be able to see you :)

My one question: How long until the trees grow back? I will miss the beautiful shaded canopy they provided!