Welcome to 2015!

Waiting patiently to open a gift on Christmas Eve 2014.
Waiting patiently to open a gift on Christmas Eve 2014.
 Woohoo!! The holidays are done. I can't say I am sad to see them go (see my last post about homesickness).

We did have a good time, though. Our family enjoyed a lovely, quiet Christmas at home and a more lively New Year's Eve celebrating with friends.  I am happy to now have some time without the bustle and stress of the holidays to enjoy the lazy days of summer (Christmas in the summer will always feel wrong for me, though!)

We're working on our yearly goals, which is aided by a fantastic new analog tool called the Passion Planner(Not an affiliate link. I just love it so much, I want to share with everyone!) and ridding our lives of extraneous stuff on our quest for minimalism and focusing on what really matters.

We have some surprises coming up, to be revealed in the next few months. Have to keep mum for now.

But, to no one's surprise but my own, Geneva will start second grade at the beginning of March and Franca in Salita de 3 (3-year-old) preschool.

Where is the time going? Too fast!! They are growing too fast!!

We are looking forward to the year to come but hope that it slows down, even just a bit. Personally, I will be doing my very best to savor every second and truly live this year to its full potential.

May 2015 be everything your heart desires.  Make it count!

Feliz Año Nuevo!! (Happy New Year!!) Besos a todos! (Kisses to everyone!)