Our Tribe. We Can't Do It Alone

Day 6 of Natalie Sisson's blog challenge is upon us and we're here to evaluate our business support network. Who helps us? Who gives us guidance? Who are the members of our tribe? 

Family is wonderful, but sometimes you need people who've achieved what you want to achieve. Someone who has been down the road that you're starting down now. 

Today is all about these incredible guides- 

There's not one "right" road to travel; there are a million different routes for a million different people.

As a traveler and adventurer, I can appreciate that everyone needs to find their own way and often, paths change over time. 

There are people that I've worked with and people I want to work with. They are my coaches, mentors and guides, whether they know it or not: 


Although I've know her for many years, Pam Enz has been my coach for the last year. We connected just as I was starting diaVerge.com and Pam has been an incredible guide while I've been navigating the waters of a start up wellness/activism business, planning an international move and life upheaval. I greatly value her experience, insight thoughtfulness and persistence. I couldn't be where I am without her. 

A friend of a friend, and someone I admire very much is Jackie Knechtel. She was just featured in Forbes for an incredible new program that she co-founded with Justin Faerman. Jackie lives life on purpose. She's an adventurer, a guide, living the freedom lifestyle and showing others how to do so as well. 

While I've always been drawn to Jackie, it wasn't until this exercise that I really felt the internal need to talk with her, to learn from her. It's very magnetic and unquestionably clear to me. Like a magnet, Jackie, I need to work with you. 

Not surprisingly, my last mentor is Dr. Richard K. Bernstein, MD. I've built my business based on his teachings for type 1 diabetes. I feel that he saved my life and I'm forever indebted to his knowledge and perseverance when no one else believed in his methods. Although I'm not in the medical field, I really must shadow Dr. Bernstein in his practice, based in New York. I know he's read my work online and said "she gets it" which is hugely humbling and motivating. 


While completely different people with different focuses, I will continue to work with Pam and start working with both Jackie and Dr. Bernstein. I need to learn from each of you.

I'm holding space for you.