Action Cures Fear

I'm a perfectionist. If I know a task can't be done the way I want, I've traditionally taken one of three actions:

  1. I don't start it at all
  2. I leave it incomplete because it doesn't meet my standards
  3. I go back and go back and go back (so it's never truly done) because I see all the areas to improve. 

But with all of these, action cures fear. 

-The cover of my writing journal- with sticker from  PassionPlanner . 

-The cover of my writing journal- with sticker from PassionPlanner

Pushing yourself to do a task, get it done and not become paralyzed by perfection is the key to accomplishing anything. 

My super power that was determined on day 4 was writing. With my new daily schedule that I detailed yesterday, I have structure and an incredible amount of focus.

My imperfect action, the step that I will take in order to break through procrastination, fear and overwhelm is writing. 

I find that free-writing first thing in the morning brings clarity to my thoughts and lets my inner voice come out. There are often unknown details or concerns holding me back from a certain decision that can only be excised through free writing. 

This free writing could be in the form of journaling or even a rough draft to a blog post like this. The only caveat is that it must be stream-of-consciousness writing with no links to insert or research to cite... writing that deals with thoughts, feelings and evaluation. 

Yes, I'll also devote time to other forms of self care, particularly yoga and walking. But writing will be the physical fitness of my mind and my soul. We all need a few quiet moments every day of clear the cobwebs, set intentions and connect with ourselves.

I will write.