Tren de las Sierras

Saturday October 13th we took the Tren de las Sierras for a 'Saturday Adventure Day' and we were pleasantly surprised by the entire day.

The train station is near-ish our house and although we've walked to Dinosaurio Mall (next door to the station) before, we didn't have the time nor did we want to expend the energy before a potentially long day. A $20 peso taxi ride and we were there. The station was dated but fine, looking like a traditional train station that you may see in any small town. Tickets from the Rodriguez del Busto station, which is the start, to the final stop in Cosquin were $5.80 pesos for each adult and $3.30 for G, with the baby traveling for free. That totals about $2.50 USD total for our tickets for a 2 hour ride!

 The trains were really nice and much more modern than we were expecting but thankfully I asked ahead of time and there are NO bathrooms aboard the trains. We chose our seats (after a quick stop in the bathroom) and within a few minutes we were on our way. The route took us west out of Cordoba Capital, through the sierra mountains, along a small   river to Lago San Roque (where the town of Villa Carlos Paz is along the lake's southwest shore). Then northwest to the town of Cosquín.

Now this is not a high speed train and it makes frequent (although fast stops) along the way. Our goal was the experience and the adventure rather than the end location. The plan included riding the train to the end of the line in Cosquin, stopping for lunch, playing at the park for a while and turning around to ride the train back again. On Saturday there are only two outbound trains and two inbound so we were sure to check on the times each way. There was one longer stop en route where there were vendors on the train platform selling bottled beverages and homemade goodies. We bought a round handmade brick-oven flatbread for $5 pesos. It was the heaviest bread ever and must have had a full kilo of flour used to make it. It was perfect.

Once in Cosquin, our plan came together perfectly. It was a sunny and slightly breezy day with warm temps and it was comfortable to be out during midday.  We had a relaxing walk where we found a cute local restaurant for lunch and stopped at an arcade afterwards for G. Then a quick stop for ice cream (yum!) and off to the park to run around a bit. After a while, it was time to walk the 3 blocks back to the Cosquin train station.

This train station was undergoing repairs and the building itself was closed. There was a ticket booth along the back of the building and port-a-potties that were thankfully well serviced. Sorry for all the bathroom commentary, but with small kids, you have to pay attention to these things!!! The train was nearly full when leaving as it was the last of the day but we got there early so we had no problem finding seats.

After a total of 4 hours on the trains looking at beautiful Argentine countryside and about 3 hours on the ground in Cosquin, we were tired, but happy for a successful and inexpensive Saturday Adventure Day in Cordoba Province.  Many more to come!