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We're Dual Citizens!

Our Argentine passports just arrived!

Our Argentine passports just arrived!

After an 18-month process, we are proud to announce that we are dual US/Argentine citizens! Okay, the adults of the family are naturalized Argentine citizens. Our youngest is a natural-born Argentine citizen since she was born here. And our 7-year old... we are still working on her status. She is a permanent resident but citizenship is a bit tougher since she was born in the USA and is currently a minor, but we will get to that in detail later. 

Dual citizenship was not our goal of moving abroad, but it has been a nice benefit. 

Brad represented the two of us throughout the process with the federal courts in Cordoba and it was an unbelievably smooth and inexpensive, albeit fairly long process. We have now been through both the permanent residency and citizenship/naturalization process here in Argentina and I daresay, citizenship was easy. 

The US State Department does not limit the citizenships that one can acquire and you can read more about that here and here . The main point as written is: 

"In light of the administrative premise discussed above, a person who:
  • is naturalized in a foreign country;
  • takes a routine oath of allegiance to a foreign state;
  • serves in the armed forces of a foreign state not engaged in hostilities with the United States, or
  • accepts non-policy level employment with a foreign government,
and in so doing wishes to retain U.S. nationality need not submit prior to the commission of a potentially expatriating act a statement or evidence of his or her intent to retain U.S. nationality since such an intent will be presumed."
(i.e.: We have no intent of giving up US Citizenship, and the US government presumes the same.) 

We'll be writing about the steps to Argentine Citizenship in great detail in upcoming posts. 

ALSO in the works: We're reclaiming Italian citizenship (granted since birth to Brad and the girls) with the goal of the three passport trifecta of USA-Argentina-Italy. The exciting details will be saved for yet ANOTHER post- or ebook if these citizenship posts get too lengthy. 

We feel that Argentine citizenship was a natural step for our family because:

  • Our youngest will always be a natural-born Argentine citizen
  • We have spent the last 5 years here in Argentina
  • We feel a great connection to the Argentine people and culture
  • As citizens, we can move freely throughout Mercosur (The EU of South America) without visas (US Citizens need visas for many countries in South America or pay a reciprocity fee for entry) and have the flexibility to travel/work at will... and not run into the possibility of having permanent residency taken away from us at some point in the future. 
  • While we do not plan to stay forever, this gives us options. 

The girls will have the option to live, study and work on three continents, with little or no bureaucratic or visa requirements.  United States of America, Italy/European Union (EU), and Argentina/Mercosur and its affiliate members.  


Want to move to Medellin, Colombia? Residency visa is granted in approximately 5 days to Argentine citizens. Nothing more than a background check which can be obtained same day. The process is substantially easier than what US Citizens would have to do to get a similar residency visa in Colombia.

Want to go to University in Germany?  It's free to all. See the link here to compare University costs throughout Europe. 

Now we just have to keep track of our 7 passports... hopefully soon to be 8...and not long after that...12! Looks like we'll need a larger travel wallet.